The Fredericksburg Area Museum is a hub for learning and culture. The museum is in downtown Fredericksburg, VA and is part of the 40 blocks of the historic district. Downtown has great architecture and historic vistas. It is surrounded by Civil War Battlefields, great architecture and historic vistas.

The Fredericksburg Area Museum is an educational place. It is in the center of a tourist attraction with modern shops and great restaurants, which allows people to learn about America’s history and growth.

The Fredericksburg Area Museum is inside one of the city’s oldest buildings, the historic Town Hall/Market House (c. 1816). It tells stories about Fredericksburg and the people who live here. The museum has been around for many years and it will tell you about Virginia Indians before contact with Europeans, to Black Lives Matter Movement.

The museum has a lot of objects from different people. Some are old and some are new. Some people made them and others were found by people who found them. Ranging from Native American artifacts to Black Lives Matter posters, the objects support the vast and rich stories of Fredericksburg. They tell the history of the people who paddled our river, walked our streets, worked our fields, run our businesses and government, attended our schools and churches, and participate in national movements.

The Fredericksburg Area Museum is home to permanent and rotating exhibitions. Featured exhibitions include: World Aflame – A Hometown in Two World Wars, The PNC Legacy Collection previously housed in the National Bank Building at 900 Princess Anne Street, and Pleasure’s Past an exhibition on the history of entertainment in Fredericksburg.

The Fredericksburg Area Museum host event including the Sounds of Summer Concert Series on Friday nights throughout the summer, “Fit with FAM” workouts on Wednesday mornings, Armed Forces Concert Series, and many fundraising events for the community.

The permanent exhibitions at The Fredericksburg Area Museum are Heirlooms & Relics: Portrait of a Community and A River Runs: The Rappahannock River. 

Heirlooms and Relics: Portrait of a Community is one of two permanent exhibits on display. It tells about Fredericksburg in the early 19th century. There are pieces from the museum’s furniture collection in this exhibit, including several items from around 1817-1860. The exhibit has pictures and text that explains what it would have been like to live there in those times. You can see how people lived and what they did for work and how important heirlooms were back then.

A River Runs: The Rappahannock River tells the story of how the Rappahannock River has shaped our community. People settled along its banks, traveled on it, and harnessed its power to run machines. The Rappahannock River has been an intimate part of our lives, connecting us to one another and to our history.

Three rotating exhibitions at The Fredericksburg Area Museum are St. George’s: The Church in the Public Square, PlayBall! America’s Pastime in Fredericksburg and These Old Walls: A Town and Its Stories.

St. George’s: The Church in the Public Square will tell the history of St. George’s Parish. It is for celebrating its 300th anniversary. We will show how the church has helped everyone in our society over the years, not just with religion but also with other things like healthcare and education. “The FAM has been honored to work with St. George’s parishioners to put on this exhibit,” said Sara Poore, President and CEO. “This type of collaboration and partnership is what the museum strives for. As the community’s museum, it is our goal to have many more exhibits and programs that engage our residents in not only their specific history, but in the process and creation that goes on behind the scenes.”

PlayBall! America’s Pastime in Fredericksburg tells the story of 160 years of baseball history in Frederickburg. Fredericksburg is a town that has a long history of baseball. People have been playing the sport, watching it on TV, listening to it on the radio and enjoying it for 160 years. FredNats invites you to walk with us through Fredericksburg’s storied baseball history.

These Old Walls: A Town and Its Stories gives voice to the buildings, sites, and objects of Fredericksburg. It will use pictures from then and now. There is also information about them too. The town hall is an important place in Fredericksburg, so it starts there. It tells stories that are not told or not told correctly before this exhibit came to life.

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